Health Information 101

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Course Description

Providing accurate, timely and unbiased healthcare information to our library patrons has never been more important.Eight out of ten Internet users go online looking for health information and many feel overwhelmed and confused by the amount of information they find, frustrated by their inability to find what they were looking for and most do not check the source or date of the health information they find!

“Health Information 101” is designed for librarians on the frontlines, who are often the “go to” source for health information when discouraged patrons seek assistance.The course outline for “Health Information 101” is as follows:

Week 1: Medical Terminology

Weel 2: Evidence-based biomedical literature searching

Week 3: Literacy and Health Outcomes

Week 4: Evaluating Health and Medical Websites

Week 5:Consumer Health Resources

Week 6:The Business of Healthcare

Health Information 101 is asynchronous. This allows you to work through course material at times convenient to you.I can schedule online chat time with you or communicate via email.

Who Should Take This Course:

Public Librarians are the primary market, however, primary, secondary, and academic librarians will find this course useful too.

This course requires an enrolment key